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Dear Members of Crossway Community Church

Today we all have witnessed the most terrible moment that we ever had, which victimized many precious lives. Personally, I feel sickened by this unbelievable crime. There are mixed emotions coming up in me: shock, sadness, anger, frustration, and more which I cannot name. To all Christchurch people, who have loved and enjoyed peace, it is “terrible insult” as John Campbell said. May God’s peace be with us as we are all going through this time of shock, anger and grief.

Let us pray for the families and friends who have lost their loved ones, for the injured being treated in Christchurch hospital, for the police doing their best in keeping the city safe, for Christchurch hospital staffs treating and serving the injured as their care and service are the first step of the healing process for us all who have been victimized, damaged or affected by this sickening act of violence, for the students and young children to be protected from any negative impact caused by this experience, for Christchurch citizens who continue to desire to make Christchurch as peaceful as before, and for all the churches in Christchurch being commissioned to be “the light of the world.” It is a time for us to seriously question, again, what it means to be the church in this world of terror and violence and what we as the church can do to enjoy peace, joy, hope and love all together. May God give us wisdom, strength, courage and faith so that we may keep moving forward against all odds.

Grace and Peace in Him,

Joohong Kim

15 March 2019

P.S. If you have any Muslim neighbor, friend or acquaintance, please let me know so that we may find a way of expressing our sincere heart of support, care and compassion.