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Christmas Message 2018

Looking back, I found that there were a number of Christmases that I had, but thankfully, there were only one or two occasions that I remember as a lonely Christmas. In my teens when I started going to church, each Christmas was full of energy and excitement, thanks to my church friends. Since marriage we—as a family—have been part of the church where we all enjoyed Christmas time together. Only a couple of times when I was away during the period of my military service, I had a quiet and lonely Christmas. My conclusion is that Christmas is a happy time thanks to my loved ones who are with me—family and friends.

Sharing time together with loved ones is a great pleasure in itself. Happiness comes with sharing. My Christmas this year is joyful again because there are family, friends, and brothers-and-sisters in Christ that I love. I am happy because there are lovely people who are willing to share this seasonal joy with me. I hope and pray that there may be someone beside you—loving family, friends, or brothers-and-sisters in Christ. I hope and pray that there may be some people with whom you share joy and happiness together so that you may be filled with gratitude.

If—only if—you feel that there is no one, if you really think that there is no one, so if you are experiencing a lonely moment, even a sense of abandonment, remember that Jesus is with you, who calls you, “My friend” (John 15:15). To this end, the God of Holiness took a human form. To be our friend, he was born in a shabby stable, not in a gorgeous palace. To be with us, he left behind the heavenly glory and came to the earth. So, we call him Immanuel, which means God is with us.

Merry Christmas!

Rev Joohong Kim